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Face Recognition

Visidon Ltd face recognition technology identifies persons in images with great accuracy and speed. Our face recognition engine is designed to seamlessly integrate it's functionality into mobile devices and other embedded platforms, having the scalability to also operate in server environments and in between these. Platform-independent cloud extension brings capabilities to handle millions of faces in just a second.

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Face Technology

Visidon Ltd face technology has, in addition of possessing capabilities to identify persons, the ability to measure facial characteristics like gender, age and mood, based on visual cues. Furthermore, it can also apply automatic photo improvement for facial areas - for example detecting whether the person's eyes are open, and if necessary, applying red eye removal, as well as having the option for overall facial enhancement.

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Visidon AppLock for Android

Visidon AppLock is an agile, convenient and a fresh way to protect your Android mobile device with face recognition quality. Visidon AppLock is highly praised in the field of technology, being one of the most widely spread face recognition software available for mobiles.

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iRecon - Audience measurement & interaction solution

iRecon is a fully automated audience measurement solution, ideal for building entertaining digital signage applications and other use. Powered by Visidon FaceSDK, focusing on providing real-time measurements and gathering information of facial expressions, gender and age distribution. Very useful in situations, where general attendee data gathering is desirable - iRecon technology can for example help in delivering a specifically targeted market message.

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Extensive knowledge on mobile platforms

Wish for our face recognition and image analysis technology to be functional in a specific platform? We can help you to create high quality imaging features, especially designed for individually defined goals.

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Best in class - Visidon face recognition

Visidon develops industry-leading facial recognition technologies for mobile and embedded platforms.

Visidon's technology is optimized both in accuracy and computation performance. Lightweight software engine, easy-to-use API and customizable products make our software solutions perfect for device manufacturers, chip makers and system integrators.

All the major mobile platforms and operating systems are supported in our technologies. In addition, we support various large scale face recognition deployments with our cloud-based solution.