VDFaceSDK provides a full set of tools for building face recognition solutions across industries. We deliver top technologies for world leading providers in the fields of ICT and security. Our range of technology consists of proven software products, integration services and customer-specific development. Learn more about our products for embedded and cloud-based solutions below.

SDK Features

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Our embedded software engine is designed for handheld devices and embedded applications. It aims to create an enriching mobile image experience. Embedded software engine is lightweight and ideal for OEMs, chip vendors or ISP providers for deep integration. High level API is also offered for system integrators for all the major mobile operating systems.


  • ARM
  • X86 / Atom
  • Android OS
  • iOS
  • WP
  • Symbian
  • MeeGo
Our SDK is easy to integrate into new platforms. Contact us for your requirements and platform specifications!

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Visidon's cloud-based face recognition engine is optimal for desktop and server deployments. It provides efficient tools for analyzing multi-source video streams and performs face searches over vast face databases. Optimal for public surveillance, corporate security, law enforcement applications, broadcast solutions and other large scale face recognition applications.


  • Windows
  • Linux
We happily deliver you a cutting edge face recognition solution. Contact us for your requirements and specifications!

Visidon AppLock for Android

Visidon AppLock is the most efficient face recognition application available for mobiles. Our applications provide a fresh, convenient way in increasing your private mobile security by locking the apps you choose with our face recognition technique. Visidon AppLock protects your mobile content, and your face is a key in opening it! Application uses the frontal camera of your Android mobile and through real-time verification ensures that the face matches the allowed user.
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iRecon Audience Measurement

BBCode Image AudienceMeasurement.pngiRecon is a fully automatic audience measurement and reporting solution for digital signage media, powered by Visidon FaceSDK. The camera-based system accurately measures the amount of bypassers and creates automatic statistics. The solution is easily integrated with existing digital signage platforms and provides real-time anonymous statistics about the current audience. Furthermore, the solution is completed with a centralized and secure web-based reporting service, providing an easy-to-use interface to visualize and analyze the report.


  • Gathering data of bypasser amountsBBCode Image iReconStatsUISmall.png
  • Measures gender, age and mood of bypassers or audience
  • Measures the actual attention time of the audience and indicates the true power of the content
  • Completely anonymous - no identifiable data is ever extracted or images stored
  • Real-time interaction in targeting a message based on demographics
  • Works with standard PC based platforms and cameras (i.e. Logitech Pro 9000)
  • Easy integration with 3rd party player & content management software
  • Easy-to-use on-line reporting system
  • Affordable licensing options

iRecon is offered to digital signage providers. Contact us for becoming iRecon partner and integrating the service with your offering. Visit for more information.