Visidon Ltd is a professional in algorithm- and imaging application development. Regardless of your image analysis problem, we are able to provide a solution! Our extensive experience of different mobile platforms, architectures and imaging projects guarantee optimal results, that meet the customer-specific requirements. We can help you for example with:
  • Imaging algorithm development (OCR, object recognition, tracking, computational photography, enhancement, visual inspection etc.)
  • Camera SW development & integration (V4L2, Gstreamer and Fcam)
  • Code optimization (special architectures, such as GPUs and NEON)
In addition to the embedded vision, we can also provide you services for other computer vision based applications. Some example projects:
  • Accurate 3D measurements with multiple high speed cameras (visit for more info)
  • Detecting objects in the images with automated face & license plate blurring
Contact us today for any related applications

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