Monthly archives: April, 2018

Customer Value

We offer our clients high quality SW products flexibly. We take care of integration, optimization and porting, and offer custom-made applications and tailoring.


Our energy-efficient solutions are based on fast optimized software that runs on low-end platforms. In addition, we have a vast computing architecture experience (e.g. ARM/x86/GPU/DSP).

Computer Vision & Algorithms

Our unique solutions are based on patented core technology that has state-of-the-art accuracy. We hold patents for image processing and image recognition and our strong background in computer vision and artificial intelligent research enables us to continuously innovate new solutions.

Our Customer Profile

Visidon’s software products have been widely adopted in various businesses and we constantly look into long term partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to offer the best products and service in the field of imaging software and algorithms. Mobile OEM Our customers are the world’s best mobile handset makers and we collaborate with all the …

Low-Light Shot

Capturing a high quality photo in a dark environment is a very challenging task, especially with mobile phone cameras. Normally in such environments cameras produce noisy and dark images, or if taken with long exposure time, overly blurred images. Visidon Low-Light technology is designed to bring photographing experience into the totally new level in such …