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Visidon’s story began in 2006 at University of Oulu when a group of computer vision researchers decided to start a company. Since then our passion has been to create high-quality mobile image and video technologies that enable billions of people to capture their everyday moments in an easy and professional way.

With our unique solutions OEMs can differentiate their product offering and create outstanding user experiences with high-quality camera features. We offer diverse technologies for image enhancement and image processing, and optimized SW products for embedded platforms.

Our headquarters and R&D are located in Oulu, Finland and we have sales and customer service in Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. We are a flexible and reliable partner who is committed to exceeding customer expectations every day.

Customer Value

We offer our clients high quality SW products flexibly. We take care of integration, optimization and porting, and offer custom-made applications and tailoring.


Our energy-efficient solutions are based on fast optimized software that runs on low-end platforms. In addition, we have a vast computing architecture experience (e.g. ARM/x86/GPU/DSP).

Computer Vision & Algorithms

Our unique solutions are based on patented core technology that has state-of-the-art accuracy. We hold patents for image processing and image recognition and our strong background in computer vision and artificial intelligent research enables us to continuously innovate new solutions.