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Image Enhancement

Visidon is a leading provider of image quality enhancement solutions for mobile and embedded platforms. Our optimized software products are able to increase photo and video quality dramatically with low-light image processing, HDR imaging and super-resolution zooming.

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Face Recognition

Visidon's face recognition technology identifies persons in images with great accuracy and speed. Our face recognition engine is designed to seamlessly integrate it's functionality into mobile devices and other embedded platforms, having the scalability to operate in server environments.

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Face Technology

Visidon's face technology has, in addition of possessing capabilities to identify persons, the ability to measure facial characteristics like gender, age and mood, based on visual cues. Furthermore, it can apply automatic photo improvement for facial areas, for example, detecting whether the person's eyes are open, and if necessary, having the option for overall facial enhancement. Check out our BeautyShot technology for more details!

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Advanced Computer Vision Solutions

Visidon is constantly developing new imaging and camera solutions for mobile devices. Our extensive product set helps customers to create unique camera functionalities and serve their end-users high quality camera experience.

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Recording perfect videos

Visidon's video stabilization technology (EIS) is a lightweight software product for removing shaking effects of handheld and wearable video recording. In addition to shake detection and video stabilization, Visidon's real-time object tracker is suitable for tracking moving objects in video enriching video recording and viewing experience. Please take a look of our solutions!

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Dual Camera Solutions

Visidon offers image quality enhancement software for mobile dual-camera solutions. RGB + Mono sensor fusion enabled with Visidon's HDR, Low-Light Shot and Super-resolution will bring dual camera photo quality to the next level.

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iRecon - Audience measurement & interaction solution

iRecon is a fully automated audience measurement solution, ideal for building entertaining digital signage applications. Powered by Visidon FaceSDK, focusing on providing real-time measurements and gathering information of facial expressions, gender and age distribution. Very useful in situations, where general attendee data gathering is desirable - iRecon technology can, for example, help in delivering a specifically targeted market message.

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Optimized SDK Products

Visidon delivers high performing software development kits (SDKs) for numerous world-class customers. Please, check our products and contact us today to check feasibility for integration into your products.

Visidon - the provider of mobile imaging software

Visidon develops cutting edge imaging technologies for mobile and embedded platforms.

Visidon's technology with easy-to-use APIs and customizable products make our optimized software solutions perfect for device manufacturers, chip makers and system integrators.