Visidon at MWC with CEVA

Visidon and CEVA partner to bring ultra-low power always-on face activation technology to mobile devices. Solution is presented at Mobile World Congress 24-27th Feb 2014. Check more from here.
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New Visidon technology: Aqua shot

Visidon has created technology for automatically process and fix color distortions of images captured underwater. New solution can be applied in post processing mode for the images already captured. The output is pleasant and makes the images look clear and nice.
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New US patent on face recognition

US patent office has accepted Visidon's patent document on face recognition in digital images.
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Beauty shot upgrade

Visidon has upgraded its face beautification engine. New SDK can process FullHD camera and display in real time (30FPS) and process multi-megapixel images (13MP) faster than ever before! New SDK features include also face contouring, eye-, mouth, and nose reshaping, and various other functions to make the output nice and beautiful.
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New Visidon technology: Posture / shaking detection

Visidon has created a new image based solution for detecting device shaking. The solution provide accurate information about device vibration (captures motion of 0.001 degrees) and is optimal to avoid motion blurring during capturing.
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Contracting facial image engines

Visidon has made a contract with global handset and tablet maker to deliver face recognition, face detecting, smile detection and blink detection solutions for their devices.
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New Visidon technology: Face Mouse

Visidon has release new Android SDK product for building face mouse applications. Face mouse is a technology enabling user to interact with a handset device with his facial and eye movements.
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Delivery of face detection and smart user presence recognition

Visidon deals to deliver face detection software as well as smart user presence recognition solutions for Korean mobile OEM for enabling high quality camera applications and unique user experience for smart phone users.
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Partnership with Almalence Korea

Visidon has made partnership with Almalence Korea Inc. to strengthen its position in Korean and Asian markets.

Visidon products are being used by leading mobile OEM/ODM companies in the world and it is expected that with this partnership Visidon can serve Asian customers even better. See more from here.
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Contracting object tracking

Visidon will deliver its top performing Object Tracking technology for Tier1 mobile OEM.
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Visidon expands its product porfolio for real-time object tracking

Visidon has developed the world fastest SW based object tracking technology for mobile handsets. It enables handset makers to create unique photo capturing and video recording applications by keeping the focus automatically on the objects of interest. Robust tracking and re-detection as well as fast processing and low power consumption make this technology attractive to various mobile imaging scenarios.
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Visidon has created an Android photo gallery application for automatically recognizing and tagging persons in the photos. In addition to tagging, Visidon enables face grouping and clustering to automatically collects similar faces into its own group. The SDK and detailed documentation for integrating Visidon technology to AOSP Gallery are available for Android OEMs.
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Visidon face recognition powers TV

SFR shows a television capable to recognize watchers. Visit here for more info (in French).
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Visidon AppLock available for Samsung users

Visidon AppLock Android app is now available in the Samsung App Store.
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New patent for detecting and tracking objects

New patent for detecting and tracking objects in digital images granted for Visidon.
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A new face recognition based security app released for Android

A new face recognition based security app released for Android. Visidon AppLock protects any application (i.e. SMS, Gallery, E-Mail, Facebook, etc.) on your phone using face recognition. Freely available at Android Market.
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