Career story: Visidon Image Software Engineer Hao Ban


25 Feb 2021

From Xidian University, through student exchange in Oulu into the VD world of computer vision and image processing


Before I came to Finland, I always wanted to explore the world outside of China. Fortunately, I learned about the University of Oulu during my undergraduate study at Xidian University in China. The bilateral cooperation between the University of Oulu and my home university brought this opportunity to me, and also started my fantastic journey in Finland.

During the exchange period, I fell in love with the local culture, aurora and academic atmosphere here, and decided to continue the study at the University of Oulu for a Master degree in artificial intelligence.

The study progressed smoothly during my master’s degree. Meanwhile, I also discovered my interest in computer vision and image processing, and it also led me to join the CMVS research group as a research assistant for a few months. Here, I found the recruitment notice from Visidon, and my friend Subi who works here also provided me with a lot of important information. Then I am here now!

After joining the company, I worked as a thesis worker at first on developing Super-Resolution algorithms in handheld photography. At this stage, I learned the state-of-the-art research and some classic algorithms in the field. In addition, I also have a simple understanding of Visidon’s technology, which paved the way for future work. My mentor and colleagues helped me a lot within this period. Finally, it took me nine months to graduate with the challenge of COVID-19.

“It was the most exciting time when I learned from customers that the products whose development I participated in have been sold all over the world.”

Then I moved to product development after graduation. I gradually involved into different stages of product development, including research and development, optimization, testing, communication with customers and version release, etc. We have always regarded improving product quality and providing better customer service as our work guidelines. It was the most exciting time when I learned from customers that the products whose development I participated in have been sold all over the world.

In Visidon, when I discuss some issues with experts who have decades of technical experience, they will listen to my ideas and patiently explain to me, even if I am still a rookie in this field. This is something I never experienced before.

In recent years, Visidon has developed rapidly and formed a multicultural team with a creative and dynamic environment. In Visidon, your talent and effort can be seen by everyone. We are here to welcome you to join us.

Hao Ban, Image Software Engineer at Visidon

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