IBC 2022

Visidon along with Synaptics will showcase AI-Enabled Smart Screen solutions at the IBC show 2022 (https://show.ibc.org/) at Synaptics IBC Balcony Booth BS17 during September 9-12 in Amsterdam. Come and see us there!

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We will present two demos of our solutions at the IBC show. The software is ported and optimized on the Synaptics VS680. They are:


Face Analysis Demo

Our algorithms include face detection, tracking and recognition, age, gender, and smile analysis as well as eyeglass and face mask detection. They can be used for authentication and identification while distinguishing real human faces from photos or video.

See our demo here





Depth Compute and Portrait Segmentation Demo

Our depth compute and portrait segmentation algorithm include bokeh, sketch, black & white, retro or cartoon effects. They can be used for segmenting a person out of a background or creating an effect in the background in video conferencing.

See our demo here

Read more about our solutions here


Our Technologies

Our solutions are built based on high efficiency, low power consumption and high accuracy.

Super Resolution

Our super resolution is an AI-based technology to upscale and remaster video streams to modern display resolutions.

See our demo here






Noise Reduction

Our noise reduction is an AI-based technology to improve the visual quality of noisy low-light video streams.

See our demo here





Learn more about our other technologies-

Image and Video Enhancement algorithms

Computer vision and face recognition

Embedded AI Technologies


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