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Embedded cameras are everywhere from smartphones to drones and surveillance cameras. We are unlocking their full potential, and further enhancing their capabilities and performance potential with AI. For example, would you be interested in improving object recognition accuracy with our noise reduction? Read more below!

Video Conferencing

and Collaboration

Higher video quality and better user experience for online calls and remote participation.

  • Super resolution
  • Noise reduction
  • Depth compute and bokeh
  • Portrait segmentation and filters
  • Video distortion correction
  • Auto-framing to keep person in focus

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Enhance camera features and user experience in smartphones, laptops, webcams, VR/MR, TV sets, and home security cameras.


  • Noise reduction to address complex lighting conditions for embedded cameras
  • Super resolution for real-time video enhancement
  • HDR to optimize the dynamic range and enriching the color tone

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Security and

surveillance cameras






For robots to perform well in low light conditions, their vision processor must enhance and process low-light video quickly – a capability possible only on the edge.

Enhancement includes denoising mixed noise in the image due to low light, severe weather or environmental conditions. Visidon’s enhancement solution uses neural networks to effectively extract signals from the noise improving the object detection.

  • Improved object detection to autonomous vehicles and other robotics
  • Radical improvement in low-light conditions

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Any environment, industry and product.

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