Meet Niina, Visidon´s AI software engineer

My name is Niina, and I am an AI software engineer here at Visidon. Originally, I moved to Oulu to study space physics. I worked as a research assistant in the space climate department during my studies, along with some course assistant gigs in the later years. Although I like research, near graduating I decided that a career at the university was not for me.

I felt like my degree did not fully prepare me to the world outside academia, so I started studying computer science and information technology while finishing up my masters. Thankfully a bachelor’s degree in physics lets you go straight to the master’s program, so the extra studying did not take too long. I majored in artificial intelligence, which is a rather new study program at University of Oulu.

I ended up working for a medical device start-up where I also did my computer science thesis. My job was in algorithm development, and I also got to participate in the scientific validation process of the product. I developed and implemented some AI-based methods in additional to more traditional algorithms and got a lot of valuable insight on their abilities and the importance of data.

Why Visidon?

Eventually I needed a new place to go. I got to a few interviews, Visidon being one of them. The atmosphere of the interview was extraordinary, so warm and welcoming. My gut told me that this is a nice place to work, and so it has been.

“In image processing the results are clearly visible to the eye. Seeing the results of operations like that is rewarding.”

I work as a part of our AI team, and I think that AI is a powerful tool when properly applied. There are certain limitations, but when the problem is properly formulated and the data is on point, awesome things can be done, and other methods are easily surpassed. I was first tasked with a research mission, finding the optimal ways of implementing our AI video denoising solution. Since I had no practical experience in image nor video processing, a soft but meaningful landing allowed me to familiarize to the subject and get a feeling of how things are done.

Tricks and methods into practice

Even when studying physics, I think my favorite courses were in applied mathematics. I liked how you can do practical things with all sorts of tricks and methods, and in image processing the results are clearly visible to the eye. Seeing the results of operations like that is rewarding.

At Visidon, the working culture is very practical and no-nonsense. Hierarchy is low and there is no fancy hand-waving. People are skilled in what they do and are always happy to help when asked. In the future, I would be eager to get my hands on some customer projects as well. Getting more experience and understanding in image and video enhancement in embedded systems will be fun and rewarding for sure.


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