Our Customer Profile

Visidon’s software products have been widely adopted in various businesses and we constantly look into long term partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to offer the best products and service in the field of imaging software and algorithms.

Mobile OEM

Our customers are the world’s best mobile handset makers and we collaborate with all the major technology companies to deliver high quality products to customers. Today, hundreds of millions of handsets in the markets are equipped with  Visidon technologies for giving consumers outstanding camera experience.

Embedded Imaging Solutions

Visidon technologies are highly optimized enabling execution on various low-power embedded processors. Our customers are creating embedded imaging solutions, such biometric door locks, audience analytics devices, or automotive and drone cameras using Visidon software to build attractive use-cases and integrate more intelligence to the end products.

System and Software Integrator

Visidon supports application developers and integration companies to build advanced camera functionalities to their products. Customers are using Visidon software for various use-cases, like mobile user authentication with face recognition, and image enhancement in social network photo applications.

Our Offering Include

  • Optimized software development kit (SDK) products with easy to use API to achieve fast and energy efficient results
  • Customization and tuning services for specific requirements
  • Integration support to help customers to fully benefit Visidon software on target hardware
  • Flexible licensing options