With us you will always stay at the forefront of imaging technology. Our advanced software solutions are based on image processing algorithms, AI, and low level optimization and help improve the video and image quality of your mobile devices.

Image Enhancement

Our technology ensures high image quality even in difficult conditions by correcting, stabilizing and enriching images.  Furthermore, our technology helps improve the visual appearance of images with various effects, filters and focusing features.

Video Enhancement

Recording high-quality videos has never been this easy. Our solutions offer excellent digital zoom quality, video frame stability in handheld devices and improved image quality in different lightings and environments.

Image Capturing

Our technology guarantees the perfect capture quality. It detects scene and illumination conditions and suggests and pre-sets camera parameters in advance. It also prevents motion blur and allows users to focus and track objects.

Face Recognition

Visidon’s face recognition technology is based on a top-performing face identification algorithm, which enables the quickest real-time face recognition. Moreover, it makes it easy to capture optimal portraits since it detects blinking and smiling and allows post-photo enhancements.

3D Cameras

We develop unique technologies that generate precise 3D information out of raw data. Compared to traditional 2D cameras, our technology improves the quality and precision of face recognition, spoofing detection, bokehing and beauty shots significantly.

Need more, just ask!

In case you have specific needs and requirements for your product, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you with even the most demanding imaging needs.