Computer vision and face recognition applications

Our revolutionary computer vision and face recognition SW understands and utilises image data on the go.

Face recognition

Our algorithm can be used for authentication and identification, distinguishing real human faces from photos or video and recognizing their gender, age, and emotion. It is capable of tracking a person’s eyes, nose and mouth, and assessing the person´s drowsiness and distraction.

Case Study - Driver Monitoring

Object tracking

Computer vision SW used to follow a moving object with a moving camera by calculating the state of the target object in the scene from previous information.



Our algorithm can be used to segment a person out of a background or create an effect in the background, in e.g. video calls.

Case Study - AI enabled Smart Screen



Our intelligent algorithms perform near human-like depth estimation from stereo or single images opening up endless possibilities in autonomous driving, 3D scene reconstruction and AR, for example.

Case Study - Bokeh for Video Conferencing

Object and background


Intelligent recognition of image background: forest vs. mountain, city vs. crop field. Searching and recognising objects like faces, vehicles or traffic signs.

We’re everywhere you look.

Computer vision is everywhere from automotives to drones and surveillance cameras.

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