Visidon Aqua Shot corrects color and geometry distortions of photos and videos caused by water when taking underwater shots.


Water causes absorption of light. The amount of absorption is not constant for all wavelengths, but certain wavelengths are absorbed more than others. Typically these are the longest ones: In the effect, water looks more blue while red objects in the water lose their natural color. Camera sensor senses red, green and blue colors, which all represent different wavelength and are thus differently faded.

Effect for different wavelengths depends on type of the water. The amount of absorption depends on the distance light need to travel in the water. Thus, using sun light only, the deepness and distance to target are the key factors, while with flash light fixed to camera, only the distance to the target matters.

Key Features

  • Corrects color distortion caused by the water
  • No need for user setting parameters. Due to lot of varying parameters (water type, distance etc.), the amount
    of correction is automatically estimated from image
  • Post processing feature: can be applied afterwards for underwater image taken “normally”
  • Analyzes local co-occurrence of different color channels in the image
  • Global image wide analysis to estimate the amount of absorption effect
  • Seeks for counter effect to negate the water absorption
  • Pixel wise color modification
  • Effect is chosen by utilizing local and global image information