Beauty Shot

A smiling face is thought to be beautiful. In addition to smile, one might still wish to do additional, cosmetic post-photo enhancement for face images. Visidon Beauty Shot is an efficient face beautification software solution allowing both real-time camera preview and still photo processing. The solution is especially designed for smart phones for capturing beautiful selfies.

Key Features

  • Work in real-time for camera preview
  • Work with multi mega-pixel photos
  • Removes cosmetic imperfections and smooths the skin
  • Face-adaptive processing allows high frequency content such as hair, eye brows and beards to remain untouched
  • Number of different filters: face smoothing, face tone adjustment, face and skin recoloring, teeth whitening, face contouring, cheek blushing, mouth shaping, nose shaping, eye-brown shaping, face thinning, lip coloring, eye brightening and out-focusing.