Visidon dual camera computation technology is designed for stereo camera setups for creating depth-maps for shallow depth of field effect. It provides DSLR like bokeh effect creation with small lens mobile cameras. The effect strength is adjustable mimicking the physical aperture size of DSLR and also an automatic mode is supported. User can either select a focus point in the image, or an automatic foreground selection mode can be used. The several effect aperture shapes are supported, such as, circular, hexagonal and  heart. The Visidon solution is purely software based and supports several stereo camera designs such as RGB+RGB and RGB+Mono.

Key Features

  • Adjustable bokeh effect strength (also automatic mode)
  • User selectable focus point mode and automatic mode for foreground focus selection
  • Several aperture shapes are supported for artistic effects
  • Supports several stereo camera setups (BW/RGB, RGB/RGB)
  • Supports a different camera baselines and placements (preferably orthogonal: side-by-side / top-on-other)
  • No need to pre-calibrate camera sensors