CinemaGraph is a magical blend of photo and movie-like animation, creating pictures that are almost alive. Visidon CinemaGraph takes in a short video sequence and automatically aligns the background of the frames and finds the moving objects from the sequence. The user can select which movements are enabled and create unique cinemagraph animations.

Visidon CinemaGraph includes a high performing GIF encoder to create nice looking animated GIF to be shared on Internet. The GIF encoder is optimized for speed and quality and inputs images can also be taken from the pre-captured gallery images.

Key Features

  • Automatic movement detection and frame alignment
  • User control for animation speed, setting video starting and ending positions and manual editing of movement masks
  • Supports additional visual effects such as cartoon, lomo, black and white, elegance, and retro
  • Output can be saved as animated GIF or MP4 video file