De-haze (fog) Reducer

Images of outdoor scenes are often degraded by small particles,  like water-droplets in the atmosphere. These include phenomena such as haze, fog, and smoke which are caused by atmospheric absorption and scattering of light. Visidon Dehaze is software to remove fog and haze from photos to create clear images. It is on based on the latest AI technologies, and real physics to estimate the amount of light transmission over the image, and tries to recover hidden details. This will significantly increase the visibility of the scene and correct the color shift caused by the haze or fog.

Key features

  • Input & Output : YUV images
  • Number of input images: 1
  • Supported image resolutions: Any (i.e. MSM8976+ 16MP)
  • Processing speed: 200ms MSM8976+ platform with 16MP input