Depth Computation

Visidon dual camera depth technology is designed for stereo camera setups for creating depth-maps. It provides metric measurements of scene objects enabling also DSLR like bokeh effect creation with small lens mobile cameras. The Visidon solution is purely software based and supports several stereo camera designs such as RGB+RGB and RGB+Mono. The algorithm is using dynamic calibration and does not require factory pre-calibration making it extremely flexible to use in various scenarios.

The Visidon structure light depth algorithm is software for creating a 3D depth map from pseudo random dot projected patterns. This is especially designed for mobile phone use-cases like creating a depth map for facial recognition or portrait segmentation purposes.

Key Features – Stereo Camera

  • Supports several dual sensor setups (BW/RGB)
  • Supports a wide range of camera baselines and sensor placements
  • No need to pre-calibrate sensors
  • Dense depth-map for high resolution images
  • Metric object distance estimation

Key Features – Structured Light

  • Supports various patterns
  • Can use RGB or IR image to refine depth on edges
  • Tuned for mobile phone use cases with short distances