Face Detection & Tracking

Visidon face detection and tracking technology is the fastest available software solution for finding faces in images. It enables enhancements for camera software, image capture and post-processing based on human faces. The ability to accurately locate the face with an immediate response enable face position-based control for numerous applications.

The software is highly optimized for embedded platforms, and is able to track faces and facial feature points (eye corners, nose tip, lip corners etc.) in real-time. The ability to accurately locate the facial feature points with an immediate response enable several applications such as face beautification and real-time emojis.

Key Features

  • Detects faces and facial features in still images
  • Tracks faces and facial features in image sequences
  • Unlimited number of faces per image
  • Any orientation, including in plane- and out of plane-rotations
  • Non-sensitive to varying imaging conditions and input image features (illumination, sharpness, color, noise or other variables)
  • Non-sensitive to skin tone, race and face size

Application Examples

  • Enhancement of embedded camera SW (i.e. AF, AE, AWB integration)
  • Control of autostereoscopic displays
  • User aware applications
  • Photo search and browsing
  • Control of interactive robots, camera view etc.