Face Identification & Verification & Spoofing Detection

Visidon face recognition is a top-performing face identification algorithm. One-to-one verification can be used to authenticate a user, while one-to-many searches can be used to automatically identify persons in the photos.

Our embedded engine runs fluently on most of today’s mobile platforms and it is able to recognize multiple faces simultaneously in real-time. Accuracy and real-time response also enable new use-cases, such as intelligent control of consumer electronics.

Key Features

  • Identifies persons based on facial features (1:N matching)
  • Verifies identity (1:1 matching)
  • Spoofing detection to prevent photo fraud attempts
  • 3D position and orientation and illumination correction
  • Non-gender, race- age- or skin color dependent

Application Examples

  • Security and access control
  • User identification in consumer electronics
  • Photo grouping and tagging
  • Content search by identity