Visidon HDR is a software solution for correcting and optimizing dynamic range of photos and enriching the color tone of the output image. The solution combines multiple differently exposed shots and automatically handles moving objects to avoid ghosting or artifacts and brings hidden details in shadows and highlights visible. Visidon HDR is an optimal for smart phones for creating top quality HDR photos with efficient and fast processing.

Key Features

  • Image dynamic range extension
  • Shadow and highlight region improvements
  • Color tone optimization
  • Automatic handling of moving objects
  • Easy to use API for controlling noise, sharpening, contrast and brightening
  • Input and output image format: YUV
  • Number of input images: 1-5, typically 3 (+2EV, 0E, -2EV)
  • Dynamic range of 12 bits (1:4096) from 3 x 8 bits inputs

Face HDR

Conventional HDR imaging alter luminance, local contrast and color saturation in the image. While this is desired in many cases, it can provide an unnatural appearance for the facial area. Visidon FaceHDR is an extension that ensures an always pleasant image for the facial area.

Additional Face HDR Features

  • Face illumination and color from auto exposed frame
  • Seamless fusion with background
  • No halos, while allowing same saturation and contrast boost for background