Image Effects & Filters

Visidon Image Filtering is an effect library for enabling real-time camera / video effects as well as photo editing effects for mobile device photo viewing applications.

Visidon Image Filtering SDK is optimized for modern mobile platform graphic processing units (GPUs) thus enabling fast and power efficient execution. The effect library is already containing 20+ image effects and the modular engine is easy to extend for new effects.

Key Features

  • Real-time preview and multi mega-pixels still image support
  • Number of effects: cartoon, lomo, emboss, sketch, threshold, pixelate, retro, glass tiling, glass sphere, mosaicing, moody, sunshine, halftone, turquoise, fisheye, twirl, vignette, elegance, moody, gray, vivid, scarlet, lime, sculpture, oil painting, crosshatch, tilt shift
  • Very fast GPU based algorithms