Low-Light Shot

Capturing a high quality photo in a dark environment is a very challenging task, especially with mobile phone cameras. Normally in such environments cameras produce noisy and dark images, or if taken with long exposure time, overly blurred images. Visidon Low-Light technology is designed to bring photographing experience to the next level in such difficult conditions. Our technology utilizes information captured with multiple normally exposed shots and automatically adjusts the image to be clear and sharp with low noise.

Description of the Visidon Low-Light Solution

Visidon Low-Light software is based on the Visidon’s super fast multi-shot engine combining information available in multiple low quality images into one high quality photo. The algorithm takes in burst images captured with normal camera settings and produces one resulting image out of them. The algorithm is designed especially for low-light capturing conditions and has multiple uniquely placed steps making the output look great.

The algorithm automatically aligns input images improving the sharpness in the resulting image and at the same time reducing image noise dramatically. The alignment process is made with an accurate motion model to compensate even smallest misalignment and orientation of the camera between theĀ  frames. This avoids blurring caused by device shaking and moving targets, and greatly improves visibility of small details.

Additional content aware noise filtering is used to automatically reduce image noise while it keeps the real details sharp and visible. Adaptive color de-noising is used to remove colored pixel noise that is often visible in images captured in low-light conditions. The intelligent filtering algorithm does not need any sensor specific optimizations nor modifications to the platform settings. The result is a sharp and colorful image with noise removed.

Key Features

  • Adjustable image noise reduction strength (luminance and chroma)
  • Image SNR improvement
  • Image sharpen and details improvement
  • Automatic handling of moving objects to avoid ghosting
  • Adjustable image brightness and color boosting strengths