Real-time Super Photo

Visidon Real-Time SuperPhoto software is designed for improving digital zoom in video recording and camera preview. It applies super-resolution technology for input frames and improves image signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) as well as effective resolution, and perceptual image quality.

The product is optimized for modern mobile platforms taking advantage of available high-performing graphic processing units (GPUs). The solution is optimized for performance and power consumption making it suitable for mobile camera integration.

Visidon Real-Time SuperPhoto is also optimized for Qualcomm HVX DSP for optimal performance and power consumption.

Key Features

  • Upscales images with more details and higher quality compared to platform default zoom
  • High quality noise filtering
  • Optimized for lower power consumption
  • Full HD preview at 30 fps.
  • Parameters can be adjusted in real-time