Selfie Panorama

Visidon Selfie Panorama is a software product for creating a wide angle selfie panoramas with a front camera of the mobile device. Our solution uses intelligent image stitching and blend border algorithms to create seamless panorama views from the set of input images.

Visidon Selfie Panorama includes integrated preview and photo capture guidance tools for making the integration for customer’s camera applications easy and efficient.

Key Features

  • Automatic image stitching with intelligent blending to avoid visible frame borders
  • Automatic face detection for keeping faces as natural as possible
  • Automatic real-time motion estimation to help panorama capture and user guidance during
  • Supports both preview video and gyroscopes (optional) for motion tracking
  • Supports both preview frame stitching and full frame stiching
  • Ultra fast processing – most computation is already done before last frame is being captured,
    so time needed to wait for the result is minimal
  • Number of input images: 1-N (Typically 3 images to cover ~120 degrees)