Single Shot HDR

Typically mobile image sensors have limited dynamic sensitivity producing too flat, dark or over exposed images in unevenly illuminated scenes. Visidon SingleShot HDR has been designed to optimize dynamic range of image colors making output image clear and optimally re-presents scene colors.

The solution is based on the single input image, and super-fast image analysis is applied to refine output image pixels to optimally show better image dynamics in order to reveal unseen details and making output brighter and more pleasant to view. Local content aware adjustment allows bringing up full dynamic range to normal displays and images.

SingleShot HDR supports both real-time preview / video recording applications and post-capture still photo processing. It isĀ  optimal solution for backlight conditions and selfie images extending mobile camera capabilities to capture high quality photos in various scenes.

Software is optimized for modern mobile platforms taking advantage of available high-performing graphic processing units (GPUs). The solution is optimized for computational performance and power consumption making it suitable for mobile camera integration.

Key Features

  • Input: YUV
  • Output: YUV
  • Number of input images: 1
  • Supported preview image resolutions: Any
  • Supported still image resolutions: Any