Super Photo

Mobile devices typically fail to capture high quality photos when digital zooming is used. Visidon SuperPhoto is a software solution for creating the super-resolution image from multiple low-resolution inputs. It dramatically improves output image quality and allows higher zooming levels compared to basic digital zoom. In addition to high quality zooming, Visidon SuperPhoto is able to increase effective output image resolution.

Description of the Visidon SuperPhoto Solution

Visidon SuperPhoto software is based on the Visidon super fast multi-shot engine combining information available in multiple low quality images into one high quality photo. The algorithm takes in burst images captured with normal camera settings and produces one resulting image out of them. The algorithm is designed especially for zooming scenarios when super-resolution technology is used for creating clear and visually great looking zoom images. Quality outperforms normal digital zoom and improves mobile phone camera usability.

Key Features

  • Optimization procedure to combine information from successive frames
  • Image sharpen and details improvement
  • Effective resolution and SNR improvement
  • Adjustable image noise reduction strength (luminance and chroma)
  • Adjustable contrast enhancement and sharpening
  • Automatic handling of moving objects ensuring that there is no blurring or ghosting of objects
  • No artifacts such as ringing on edges
  • PSNR increase 5-10dB
  • Effective resolution increase: 1.3x – 2.5x