Fast image resizing is a fundamental requirement of many applications. Generally, algorithms try to preserve original image details as close as possible, and avoid visible artifacts to avoid quality issues.

Visidon UpScale is a mobile optimized fast image resizing algorithm to preserve image details when increasing the image size. The algorithm is tuned for high visual quality and utilizes the anti-imaging filter to avoid artefacts in upscaling. Resize kernels are automatically optimized based on the scale ratio and the user requested sharpness.

Key Features

  • Input & Output : YUV images
  • Number of input images: 1
  • Supported scale levels: 1x – 32x
  • Supported image resolutions: Any
  • Processing speed: Under 100 ms on MSM8976+ platform
  • User selectable crop and up-scale ratio
  • Quality adjustment possible with API
  • Optimized for ARM NEON