Video Stabilization (EIS)

Recording a high quality video with a portable device is often a very challenging task, especially while working or moving around. Normally in such environments a portable camcorder produces blurry and jittered video. Visidon Video Stabilization technology brings photographing and camcording experience in totally new level in such difficult conditions by smoothing the shaking effects of the device and making the output video pleasant to view.

Visidon’s Video Stabilization technology is designed for stabilizing video frames to avoid unwanted motion and jitter caused by hand-shaking when capturing video with a handheld device. The solution is based on Visidon motion estimation technology measuring the global motion between consecutive image frames and compensating the shaking effect in resulting video.

In addition to pure image based video stabilization, Visidon offers an video stabilization solution for gyroscope enabled devices in order to compensate the shaking effect as well as the rolling shutter effect. This is suitable for modern smart phones that have powerful hardware gyroscopes connected to the camera.

Key Features

  • Compensates the global motion caused by hand-shaking
  • Real-time performance
  • Corrects 6 degrees of freedom
  • Additional rolling-shutter correction in HW gyro version
  • Robust to real life conditions such as noise, changing illumination, moving objects