Visidon brings AI-based RAW SuperPhoto to the market, allowing for incredible zoom capabilities

Feb 2024

Visidon, a company specialized in the development of AI-based image and video enhancement technologies, has announced the release of a new technology for RAW Super resolution. This technology enables the enlargement of objects in photos using AI zoom capabilities.

VD RAW SuperPhoto employs a multi-frame algorithm to fuse information from multiple RAW input images, creating a higher resolution and flawless output image. The algorithm aligns multiple images to fill missing color data from the sensor more accurately than traditional algorithms, while simultaneously avoiding ghosting artifacts. It also handles all necessary operations to develop RAW sensor input into a screen-ready image, ready to be displayed or further processed for additional effects. This makes VD RAW SuperPhoto integration a breeze.

This AI technology is beneficial for everyday smartphone users who wish to capture images of distant objects. By employing VD RAW SuperPhoto, it becomes possible to reconstruct lost details during zooming, leading to sharper and clearer zoomed-in images.

The capability to zoom in on specific objects and enhance their details unlocks a realm of creative possibilities, allowing for the capture of unprecedented close-ups of small or distant objects, such as flowers, birds, or city skylines. This means a bid farewell to blurry or pixelated close-ups; with AI-powered enhancements, you can now capture exquisite details even when zoomed in far beyond the limits of traditional smartphone cameras.

Visidon is presenting their AI RAW SuperPhoto at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 26th to 29th February in booth 5J45 (Finland Pavilion). The showcased demo is running on SM8550 SoC (Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile platform) but it is also optimized for SM8650 flagship smartphone platform.



About Visidon:

Visidon specializes in the development of fast and energy-efficient image and video processing technologies. Our software products include automatic image quality enhancement, computational imaging, and face recognition. Utilizing the latest microprocessor architectures and machine learning algorithms, especially for the mobile and embedded industries, our solutions can be found in over 1 billion mobile phones.