Bokeh for Video Conferencing

Visidon stereo camera bokeh, no cut on glasses and headset


Major technological advancements have changed the process of conducting business remotely. Modern and innovative businesses should build and maintain quality relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors, and customers. For this reason, video conferencing is a must! It increases productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses, and altogether promotes collaboration.

Video conferencing refers to online meetings which connect different devices, from complex enterprise-grade video conferencing systems to laptops, mobile devices, or even TV sets.

In video conferencing, bokeh helps people to focus on the foreground objects. ‘Good Bokeh’ refers to a background where highlight blurs have soft edges and show no sharp distinctions between out-of-focus elements.

Both Inuitive and Visidon, having long experience and established position in the video enhancement area, have jointly developed bokeh solution for video conferencing applications which will be showcased at Embedded Vision Summit ( during May 16-19.

Visidon bokeh solution provides a gradual bokeh effect where blur strength varies around the scene and close object often appears as foreground. The solutions offers a natural look with gradual blurring and clear and sharp edges.

For stereo bokeh solution a special power-efficient Inuitive NU4100 processor is utilized, on which Visidon proprietary algorithms have been ported and optimized to run bokeh in real-time. NU4100 has stereo camera configuration, neural network accelerator and specific DSP for low power computation.

Inuitive’s third-generation Vision-on-Chip processors are disrupting the vision processing market by introducing all-in-one chips with a wide range of integrated capabilities, outstanding performance, and optimal size and cost efficiency. These game-changing processors support simultaneous depth sensing, positioning and location algorithms (SLAM), and AI-based object detection and recognition, while dramatically shortening both system latency and response time, saving power, and improving overall performance (high frame rate and camera resolution, and a wide FOV)

In order to guarantee the real-time performance and market demands, Visidon and Inuitive are advancing technologies to deliver high-performance and efficient architectures supporting accurate algorithms. Inuitive and Visidon are prepared to meet the demands of the next-generation of video conferencing solutions.

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