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We believe that intelligent technologies are transforming the way people use their mobile devices. Our passion at Visidon is to create high-quality mobile image and video technologies that enable billions of people to capture their everyday moments in an easy and professional way.

Our unique software solutions support OEMs in designing mobile devices with outstanding camera features that meet the needs of today’s consumers. We develop our solutions utilizing fully optimized imaging and AI technologies.

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Our passion for intelligent photography makes us stand out from the crowd. We continuously develop new technologies that enable you to offer the best camera experience for your customers. We are a reliable partner who is committed to exceeding customer expectations every day.


With us you will always stay at the forefront of imaging technology. Our advanced software solutions are based on image processing algorithms, AI, and low level optimization and help improve the video and image quality of your mobile devices.


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Visidon's software products have been widely adopted in various businesses and we constantly look into a long term partnership with our customers. Our goal is to offer the best products and service in the field of imaging software and algorithms.

Featured Technology

Low-Light Shot

Capturing a high quality photo in a dark environment is a very challenging task, especially with mobile phone cameras. Visidon's Low-Light technology is designed to bring photographing experience into the totally new level in such difficult conditions.